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13 March 2021

Infobeurs Autisme

A talk at an on-line conference hosted by Infobeurs on the topic of

'Autism as the Intense World Syndrome' 


1 December 2020

Online International Domus Instituto de Autismo conference, Mexico

Lecture on 'A Reconstruction of the Sensory World of Autism' in Mexico

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Italian translation of the 2nd edition Sensory book

The 2nd edition of the book: Sensory issues in Autism and Asperger syndrome, published by Uovonero. See more here.


I will be appearing at Pasparta  for the second time in an online conference to give a webinar.

See more here (in Czech). 

Previous conference was held on 13 April.

22 June 2021

Czech Online Webinar


21 November 2020

Online Italian Conference

Le differenze di percezione sensoriale nell’autismo: dare un senso ai bisogni sensorial. See more here.


11 October 2020

Cork Autism International conference, Ireland

Presentation in "Communication in Autism: Talk about talking". See more here.