"It is vital to unite our efforts and work together 

– parents

– professionals

– autistic individuals “ 

Olga Bogdashina


Prof. Olga Bogdashina, Ph.D. (linguistics), MSc (Psychology), MA (Teaching methods) MA Ed (Autism), Honorary Professor, Honorary Doctor, KSPU, Co-founder of the International Autism Institute, and Programme Leader (Autism courses), Visiting Professor in Autism Studies, co-founder of the International Autism Institute, author of 9 books that reflect her specific interests in autism research: sensory perceptual issues in autism; language and communication in autism; autism and spirituality.

Having founded the first day centre for autistic children in Gorlovka,  Ukraine over 30 years ago, she has ‘lived and breathed autism' since then. However, before 1988 - she knew absolutely nothing about autism or just how much it would mean to her and change her life. 

Topics of Expertise


Understanding more than what we see...

Different sensory experiences lead to different perceptions of the world


Do we speak the same language?

Understanding more about communication issues in autism.


Autism &


What role does psyche and spirit play in people on the Autism spectrum?


Do we lack theory of "autistic mind"?

The difficulty with the one-sidedness view of this theory

reconstructed reality.jpeg

Challenging concepts of reality

Understanding experiences of autism within the wider scope of human perception

Olga Bogdashina, International Autism Institute

"Whatever autism is, it's never boring"


Coming Up

Image by Dom Fou

26 May 2022

Open lecture "Introduction to the sensory world of autism", VIII International Forum on Teacher Education, Kazan Federal University


25 April 2022

Podcast episode with Antony Peake: Autism & Spirituality

Image by Mikael Kristenson

29 April 2022

International Autism Conference ‘Best practices for working with adolescents with ASD'

Sofia, Bulgaria