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8 April 2021

Czech online webinar

I gave a webinar on Sensory issues in autistic children at Pasparta (Czech publisher). 

For more information, click here (in Czech). 


20th July 2019

13th Irlen International Conference

Possible Patterns of Visual Dysfunction in Autism and Irlen Method.

Read more about it here.


19th June 2019

AutismOxford Conference

Autism: Making Sense of Sensory Needs. Read about it here.


18th June 2019

Autism Study Day Conference

Autism: Making Sense of Sensory Perception. Northampton University, UK


11 May 2019

Conference ‘I colori dell’autismo: Fuori dal blu!’ Udine, Italy

1) ‘Sensory perceptual differences in autism’

2) ‘Fussy eaters or fussy bodies?

April 2019

Autism Awareness Online Webinars, St. Petersburg, Russia

1) ‘Autism Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow’; 2) ‘Sensory Processing in Autism’;

3) Communication in Autism: Do we speak the same language?’;

4) ‘Theory of Mind and the Triad of Perspectives on Autism’.

Series 1_Russian.jpg

9-11 April 2019

Autism Awareness Conference & Book Launch, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

1) ‘Autism or Autisms’

 2) ‘Sensory Perception in Autism’

 3) ‘Autism and Spirituality’

And book launch of the first book in the series for parents “Autism: Becoming a Professional Parent" (in Russian).

series 1_Macedonian.jpg

20 March 2019

Conference in Skopje, Macedonia and Book Launch

Conference: Истражуванье на сензорниот свет на аутизмот

And book launch of the first book in the series for parents “Autism: Becoming a Professional Parent" (in Macedonian).


6-7 December 2019

Conference ‘Autismo: Percezione sensoriale, cognitive, emotive e spirituale’ Milan, Italy

2 plenary sessions:

1) Sensory Processing in Autism

2) Autism and Spirituality

Dec 2018

2-day conference. Sensory Processing in Autism

University of Genova, Italy

30 Nov 2018

Autism Wellbeing CIC Conference; Cardiff, Wales

Communication and Language in Autism: Let’s Talk About Talking.


13-14 November 2018

Autism Conference; Malle, Belgium

1) Sensory Theory Makes Sense

2) Autism and Spirituality

12 November 2018

Autism Conference; Antwerp, Belgium

Sensory processing in Autism, Antwerp University


1 November 2018

Autism Conference; Chisinau, Moldova

 Making Sense of Sensory Needs & launch of the book ‘Autism: Becoming a Professional Parent.


30 October 2018

Autism Conference; Suceava, Romania

Autism: Making Sense of Sensory Needs, & launch of the book ‘Autism: Becoming a Professional Parent

27-29 September 2018

International conference ‘Focus on Autism’; Krakow, Poland

Plenary: Sensory Processing in Autism: Making Sense of Sensory Needs;

Workshop: Autism: Talking About Talking.

1 September 2018

NAS Scotland Conference

Sensory Perception in Autism: Let’s see the world through their eyes.

Ellon, Scotland

15 June 2018

The Autism Show. The National Event for Autism

Making Sense of Sensory Needs and Challenging Behaviours


23 - 24 April 2018

Sikon Autism conference; Odense, Denmark

Plenary: Autism and the Edges of the Known World

Workshop: Autism and Spirituality

14 April 2018

Autism conference; Costa Brava, Catalonia

Communication in Autism: Let’s Talk About Talking

2 March 2018

Autism conference; Cuneo, Italy

Le percezioni sensoriali nell’autismo e nella syndrome di Asperger

20 January 2018

The Caldwell Autism Foundation Conference; Carmathen, UK

Autism: A Reconstruction of the Sensory World

5 December 2017

The NAS conference: Autism and Sensory Issues; Leicester, UK

An Introduction to Sensory processing in Autism (plenary);

Making Sense of Sensory Needs and Challenging Behaviours (workshop).

22 - 24 December 2017

Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция; Moscow, Russia

Комплексное сопровождение детей с расстройствами аутистического спектра

14 November 2017

Autism: A Hands on Approach conference; Stockport, UK

Autism as Intense World Syndrome

1 November 2017

The Autism Awareness conference; Lincoln University, Lincoln, UK

Autism and the Edges of the Known World

17 - 19 May 2017

The International Irlen Conference; Krasnoyarsk, Russia

‘Irlen Syndrome: Modern investigations and practice’.

25 - 26 March 2017

Autism Conference. Sassari, Italy (Sardinia)

Le anomalie sensoriali nell’autismo


11 March 2017

Viu Autisme Conference; Girono, Spain

Making Sense of Senses and Sensitivities

23 January 2017

Autism laboratory, the University of Sheffield, UK

A distinguished speaker presentation A Reconstruction of the Sensory World of Autism

Publications and Press


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Approaches to autism 2007.jpeg


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My first publication based on my thesis (2001)

1st English.jpg


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Search for coherence 2001.jpeg


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Link cover.jpeg