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Becoming a Professional Parent Series 

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1. Exploring the Sensory World of Autism

The first part of this series covers a range of sensory perceptual issues, provides ideas and tips (how to help the child) and will help those who live with and/or work with autistic children.


Using examples from my own experience as a mother and a professional, this book will help parents and those who work with autistic children to understand better the sensory issues in autism and how to help their child.

Published by Life & Learn. See more information here (and access the first chapter for free!)

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2. Learning to Speak Autistic

This second book of the series deals with cognitive, language and communication development in autism and provides ideas and tips how to help the child.

To be published in 2024 by Life & Learn


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Sensory Perceptual Differences in Autism: The Intense World Syndrome and Other Theories

Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine (February 2023)

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Sensory Processing Differences:
Tips for Parents & Professionals

Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine (May 2023)

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